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Violence glorification rule

The rules of this Webpage are all obvious and I would not brake one of the, Buuut there is one rule in particular which is the rule about violence glorification.

"Violence glorification against humans or animals are also strictly forbidden." Quote: let-off-steam.net

I mean okay to a point I understand the rule, BUT EVERYONE SOMETIMES WANTS TO PUNCH PEOPLE WHO FUCKING ANNOY YOU. ALSO IF YOU HAVE A BIRD SHIT ON YOUR SHOULDER YOU JUST WANNA KILL IT. SOME FRIED DUCK FOR DINNER. A duck shit on me today, and I can´t even talk about beating this fucking duck to death and eat it.

Soo. How long will this post stay until it´s deleted? [Report]

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As long as Katja Krasavices Boobs can stay on Instagram without being deleted for violating the rules. And as long as my gay friends boyfriend can upload youtube videos in underpants and in the bathtub and monotize them.


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