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The night of the Berlin Psychozombies

Dr. Mojito is standing there, first he looks to the left then to the right suddenly he remembers something a complete idiot told him " ok Dr. if you do not want to be my friend then forget it ! i really tried, but it s not possible for me to be your friend, i don t care about you ! you are just a guy like any guy !" "ok,..oh shut up marco don t give yourself such an importance you are an idiot..." Dr mojito don t know why he reminds that it just came to his mind..just like that. He looks to the right and the left again, then he hears a small noise, he don t know why but he follows the noise, in fact it is stupid, because if it was one of those Psychos, then it would be better to go in the other direction but he don t care, he just follows the noise. At the end he turns left a bunch of people are sitting there. It s Burt and Clarissa, Ramona and Erwin, Ylmaz and Selchuk who had the same idea as Dr. Mojito. They look with fear to the doctor. "Are you one of those Psychos..?" Ylmaz asks " oh no no i am Dr. Mojito, i just wanted to get away from them.." " Ok then it is ok".
Dr. Mojito sits down" What is going on ? do you guys know what all that is about" "no we don t know""What should we do right now it is really shity..." Erwin has an idea" Maybe if we make it right through to the Alexanderplatz, we will be more safe, there are more policemen right there, it s always like that" " It s quiet far" Dr Mojito responds" and if anybody reads that story he might think that we are not from Berlin, especially some idiots from Berlin who are allways mentioning the importance of Berlin, they will think we are trying to make some impression by mentioning big places everybody knows... so that everybody thinks that we are real Berliners, but that s not true""You are right, but if this Zombies are everywhere, it might be the best thing to do, and it fits good to our story, anyway we must stay together..." They are staying there a long time listening to the noises having the hope that it would stop, but it even gets worse through the holes of the canalization they hear explosions, people screaming, police cars, even shots. Finally Dr. Mojito says " What should we do right now." Selchuk says "i don t know, but maybe we should just move..."
The story goes on like that : Ylmaz and Selchuk get killed because they allways want to be first, then comes Burt and Clarissa, finaly there is a fight between the king of the zombies and the three remaining and accidentally Dr.Mojito kills Erwin who in fact turns out to be the real king of the zombies, then there is a fight between Erwin and Dr.Mojito, Erwin was not really dead, but after the fight he is dead for real, then Ramona and Dr. Mojito comes out of the canalization in the morning seeing that everything is over, but Berlin is completely destroyed even worse then after the war, even the Fernsehturm has not survived becaus esome Zombies crashed into it with a car full of dinamite. Dr. Mojito and Ramona are the only survivors, so they have to repopulate Berlin and in fact this is exatcly what they start to do in this moment, so in fact it s an happy end.

story not to be continued or you have to continue it yourself






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