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Ninja Bum

Ninja is living in Madrid with his right hand Chicito. Most of the time, they just hang around having a drink and looking for something to eat. Ninja is called Ninja, because he is fighting martial arts, like Bruce Lee, that is why the other bums call him Ninja. He tells to everybody who wants to hear it, that he grew up in a schaolin monastery and in his dreams his master comes to give him advices, even during the day, he has flashbacks and chicito sometimes has to kick his ass, to get him back to reality. Chicito is a small fat guy with brown hairs and funny looking brown eyes. He always makes jokes and is worrying about his master Ninja, because in many ways Ninja is not of this world and he sees allot of things, that only he can see. For example once he was seeing some guys fighting with a prostitute, because they didn t want to pay. He was persuaded to recognize, the empress of the hidden country behind the mountains, that he was persuaded to have met in person once upon a time. Immediately Ninja is going crazy, first the guys are thinking it is a joke, but then he is kicking there asses, and they realize, that this is everything, but not a joke. After he had kicked the crap out of their asse, he is falling to the feats of the prostitute, saying things like " pardon me empress, i am not worth a dime beside you, what can i do to get your pardon, for not having been there earlier +++". So in one word, like the old Don Qijote Ninja is fighting at things that are not realy existent, with his ideals, with his best friend and servant Chicito on his side. Together they kick who ever they want to kick, and it can be anybody and are philosophizing about the world and where it could come from what is good and what is wrong. A story to be continued..






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