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Once they were sitting there under a roof, it was raining and they were listening to the raindrops falling down. They had a bottle of rosé and they were just sharing the bottle. Chicito was a bit sad " Listen Ninja..." " Yes my friend" " sometimes i feel a bit sad, i have this bad feeling in my stomach, you know what i m talking about, i m thinking to myself, could it have turned differently, what if i wouldn t had crashed here, what if i would do all the things other people do and i think, maybe is there one more chance ? And i know exactly, that it is passed, that there is all this resignation, that even if i wanted, i couldn t, maybe i never had the chance and i see all these people laughing and going out at night and having fun, that s how it seems..." " Chicito don t mind, they are not having fun they just seem to have fun and in all they just are unsatisfied, they don t ask themselves question, they just act that is all.." " Do you realy think so, to me they seem to have a lot of fun, would they laugh if they would not have fun.." " They laugh because they are desperate" Chicito laughed a bit " Ninja that sounds quiet strange, i wouldn t laugh if i was desperate" " believe me you can laugh when you are desperate, sometimes it is the only thing that remains in desperation, if you can t laugh anymore...but these ones are so desperate that they even do not mention that they are, so they laugh, not in the way like when you are happy, but in a way, you would scream at somebody to tell him he is a .... They think it is fun, it s desperation." Chicito was thinking a bit.." In some way you are right, but i still don t believe, that they do not have fun and that they are unhappy, because that would mean, that they would be more desperate than me and that they would not even know, that things are not turning out well and that would mean, that even if i am not happy, i would be more happy than them, because i know it and you told me once, that knowledge is a happiness, is it true..?" " Yes i think i might have told you that.." " So if i know even that, that i am not happy but i still trying to make things going on, than it could be a happiness, because i know it..?" "There you go my friend there you go..." Chicito was quiet he was just thinking a bit taking a bit of rosé from time to time. " Do you think we are philosophers ninja..?" " We are bums Chicito, we just try to make the wheel turning on, but in any case, what is a philosopher..." Ninja just took a deep breath " I remind someone who told me, it is somebody who thinks, some other told me, it is someone who can not believe, because he wants to know, some other told me a philosopher is somebody who is asking why things are the way they are and who looks for reasons to find an answer to that and then there are people who say a philosopher, is somebody, who realizes that he knows nothing, because there is always a last question, that remains open and where there is no answer on it so he tries to handle the fact that he don t know....i guess chicito, that there are as many definitions of a philosopher, as there are human beings and that is all that it is about so at least anybody is a philosopher, in all i think a philosopher is somebody who thinks and he thinks because he is asking himself some questions but we are bums, thats what we are..." Chicito stayed quiet again " Yes Ninja i did not exactly listened to what you told but i think i understand it, in any case bum is a word and philosopher is a word and both mean something, so if i understood you quiet well, as long as we are bums, we are also philosophers because to be a philosopher, you need to be something else, other wise you wouldn t have something to think about ...is that right." " Now i think i don t catch you quiet well, but i guess yes, that this is right." " So if we are bums we are also philosophers, because we are something and honestly ninja, you are completely stupid, to tell, that we are nothing else than bums, because if we were only bums, and nothing else, we could t be philosophers..is that right..?" Ninja was not quiet sure anymore " Yes i think so.." " But you just told that anybody is a philosopher and that he is a philosopher, because, he has something to think about...? is that right ..?" " Yes i think so.." " And he would have nothing to think about if he would be nothing..?" " Yes" " So i am a philosopher..." Chicito seamed a bit satisfied, Ninja looked at him as somebody, who has just seen a car passing by with 150 miles per hour. " You are right chicito, anybody who thinks might be a philosopher and if there is nothing that you are, so there is nothing to think about and as long you are thinking you are a philosopher, so we are not only bums, but also philosophers..that s ok but in first case we are bums, and that s all, because that s how the people see us and most of the time you are not what you think to be, but what the people see in you, thats all." " I don t see myself as a bum...i am a philosopher...you just proved it.." " ok my friend ok here just take somemore of this beautiful rosé, maybe we can think about it.. later"

to be continued...






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