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Ninja Bum 1

They were walking on the street. Chicito had a bad feeling , he was looking at ninjas face and ninja had this strange look in the eyes he always had it when he was having his "magic moments". "Magic moments" that s how chicito called them, or "crazy moments" when he was rational or "bunga bongo" when he could not realy face it, when things were turning out quiet the way they shouldn t. For chicito this ment nothing positive, as everybody might have thought. Maybe for a child a magic moment is something not quiet rational and full of great and unpredictable things that turn out good and childish imagination makes everything out of the word magic, but chicito was not a child, he had his demons and sometimes he believed in something that the people would call "bad magic" but it was more something he had to handle with humor, sometimes ninjas states of mind made him so sad, so he called those moments "Magic".
There was a difference between, magic magic and only magic, in the state of magic it was something like a razor blade, it had two sides, but when it came to only magic it was more a switch blade. For now it was double magic, so there was maybe a chance that it could turn in to simply normal. But it was impossible to make a prognostic about it, as good as chicito knew Ninja, nobody knew him like chicito, but there was something in Ninjas mind, that even chicito was not able to catch.

"Chictio.." "Yes my friend.." " I hear something".. that meant nothing good when ninja said this, usually it started like that. "Oh master, it is certainly a mouse, or a rat or anything, i think somebody just through out a bottle of a window, yes thats it, the bottle just smashed, i heard it to." " No no no, chicito, i heard it exactly...i am certain..wait !.." Ninja stopped he was listening to something, there was nothing to listen to, right now, his state was magic. Chicito knew it was to late, he now would have to play the game " What could it be master ?" when the state of mind turned out to magic, chicito called him "master" it was just part of the game, he just knew he had to do that even if Ninja never asked him for it. Ninja was standing like a cat launching for some noises it could have heard, "come chicito...come".
Now the game was running, but for Ninja it was no game, it was the reality. In a fast way they walked down the street, they turned left then right. The sound of some drum bases, were getting to chicitos ears, maybe his master could have heard something ? then they turned left again and at the end of the street there was a nightclub with the usual big guy who are standing at the door in such places. "Wait !" Ninja stopped, with eyes full of sorrows chicito looked at him " what is it master ?" "do you see that entrance there..." " Yes Master yes.." "It is the entrance of the temple of the forbidden doom.." " Master.." ninja raised his hand "for how long have i looked for that moment chicito.." thats what he often said in such situations " master i think..." " Chicito this is a great moment, what ever might.. come now...come with me !" " since a few moments the two big guys were looking at chicito and ninja and were talking to each other, what they would do if they would come." " Buenas tardes gentleman, only with invitation, please move on". Ninja was not realy listening to them " Dear knights, i know, that this is a strange demand, and i have done allot to find you at least, but do believe me, all my thoughts are going to your honorable mothers to have given you birth..." The to big guys were looking at each other, ninja wanted to say something more, but they were thinking, he was fooling them, one of them was looking quiet angry the other one said him to stay quiet. " listen up this club is nothing for you both, i am asking you just to move on, i don t want to be brutal, but if this is the way you want it, i will have to do my job, so come on and move on." " Oh dear Knight i knew you would tell me that, i am not surprised, it is also what princes Salgerin told when ..." it was absolutley out of the context once again the two guys were feeling fooled, at least one of the to guys laughed " what is that clown...come on move on move on" he had get up of his bar-chair and now touched ninja just to push him a bit to the street. With a fulminat swing kick ninja was making him get to the floor immediately , the other one was not knowing what was going on but when he realized, he wanted to come to ninja to punch him. Immediately ninja made a combination out of to fist punches a a straight kick, the to guys were lying on the floor in this moment ninjas state of mind turned from magic, to magic magic, then to normal. He looked at the to guys at the floor, then at chicito who was standing aside, and after a while he asked " chicito who are these two guys, and why are they lying there(it was always going on like that, it is much to cold for lying there, without quiet nothing on, we should wake them up !" " I don t know ninja, but to me it seems that they are quiet well right now in this moment, in fact this is what they told me, before they were falling asleep, what ever might happen we should just leave them there, so lets go, get something to drink...." " You are right chicito you are completely right, there is to much injustice in this world and it is senseless to fight it..."

to be continued...






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