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Mary Jane

I'm telling mom

After many unremembered parties, stink eyes from many unapproved faces and going down a road that was harder than needed to be do not regret it along with the decision to live life without using drugs for it has shaped me into who I am and will continue to be. Changing the people in my life was not the easiest just necessary to have fighting chance. Family members that think it's just a "break" and should divulge for their sake are really pissing me off. They're not in my contacts or Facebook yet continue to disrespect me, my mother and her home where I reside.. How many times do they need to hear "No","Don't get down like that anymore",and a few times "I'm telling my mom! " Am using this anger to fuel the fire that keeps me off that crap. So back off or telling my mom and your gonna get it!






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