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I used to be gm (grand-master) on a game called For Honor and now that I stopped playing for 5 months it looks like I need to start all of my experience from the beginning. I'm getting reked by silvers and bronze for no fucking reason, I'm just the worst fucking player this earth has never had! I know I'll be good as I was with practice but I just needed to write this if not my pc would have been broken :)))))
But fuck man I lost so much experience playing this stupid game called ******! not gonna say this shame cauz I could get hated for that by bronze players. I don't have fucking time to get all this level back! My fate is to be the worst video game player ever, because every game I touch, I suck at it, and the only ones that I am good, I loose all the shit. And, to finish, I don't even remember For Honor to be like that! They've changed everything! Fucking piece of goddamned shitty shit man!






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