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Chicito and Ninja 3

Once they were sitting in a backyard, at a place nobody could see them, Ninja was about to fall asleep when chicito asked " Say Ninja i was wondering something..." Ninja raised up a bit his head, he washed over his face with his hand "what are wondering about friend..?"
" as you know i can not realy remember who my parents were and i was asking myself, maybe if i would walk on a street and my father would pass by, realy close to me, would you think, that i would feel it ? I mean in the way, you know ? parental bounderies and such things...some feeling you get when you meet somebody and you ve never seen the person, but you are persuaded that it is not the first time you see each other..." Ninja seemed to search for something in his mind and he took his time to give chicito a response, then he gave him a response " You know what chicito ? sometimes it is better to not know your parents and when i talk to allot of guys, Pepe for example, i always get to this conviction again, but in some way, i guess there must be something as parental boundary, there are things that are not explainable and i guess this is one of those things,.... but.... as so many things this is something you can not generalize. Maybe one day you would meet your father and talk one hour to him and you would not come to the idea one second, that he could be your father, but then one day you see a fotograph of the same man and you would have immediately this feeling that you are talking about, at least i guess life is not fair, that s how most of the people feel it, but in other way things happen, because they can not happen in an other way, otherwise they would not happen. So if we can have a clear conscience, then it is about this, you do not chose your parents, and finally you also do not choose, if you see them or not. I guess we take our decisions and that is why we are thinking, that it is always up to us, but the circumstances that are leading us to decisions are not in our hands and we only take our decisions when we are confronted to those circumstances. do you know what will happen tomorrow ? Nobody knows, you do not decide what happens, but you decide how you act when it happens and even that most of the time is not in our hands, cause we act the way we are. Maybe you see your father one day, maybe not..so why are you worrying about it ? " " Oh ninja i am not worrying,i was only wondering because you tell me all this stories, how you grew up and about this monastery and once you told me that they gave you away there, when you was a baby..is that right ? " " Yes" " so you also do not know who your parents are and i was wondering if you were wondering about it sometimes...and if this would be something you would like to know, because i have this feeling sometimes and than i feel very sad, did you never had this feeling ?"... Now Ninja was a bit embarrassed, because he did not have really the right answer, he did not really know if Chicito said that, because he was feeling compromised about this answer and in his mind he was searching for something that would be honestly a good response, because he just realized in this moment, that he never really thought about it. " If i think to it i guess that in the monastery it was normal, to not think about if you had parents or not, because, when i was given away i could not realize anything till i was seeing women carrying babies and feeding them. So i started to think about it. I guess so i do not really remember, the monastery was my family and i think they gave me something that a father and a mother would have give me, i was a baby when i came there, so i do not really remember, guess it must have been that way.." Chicito was not really satisfied, " O Ninja this sounds not realy persuading to me, everybody needs a mother and a father and when i talk to the other guys, they are mostly unhappy because it has something to do with there fathers and mothers, i do not really believe, that it would be an other way for you..or not ?" Ninja was thinking a bit again " I do not know Chicito, maybe you are right, but as told and i can remember that i told you that a few sentences earlier, i guess it s not up to us and now we are here..so what should we do...?" Chicito looked at Ninja, he smiled a bit and then lay down on his elbow with his face in his hand. " I don t know master, maybe we should sleep a bit, i will think about it...later" that s the way they did.

to be continued






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