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I'm tired of ...

R/personalfinance moderators are not understanding at all

I just got banned from the subreddit and muted from talking to the moderators because I didn't think my post was breaking the subs rules.



I woke up. It was comfortable, except for a sneeze or two. I ate some bacon. Yum. Watched some shit, played some shit.


Violence glorification rule

The rules of this Webpage are all obvious and I would not brake one of the, Buuut there is one rule in particular which is the rule about violence glorification.

Some Angry Bi...

Asshole Local Community

I always, always try my best in the day but there is ALWAYS teachers and fucking shit stains, that don't have brains who try to make it BAD.

society shank


Broke n working for free it seems

My dam boss not paying me cuz his bills are more important than mine in his eyes i need money to go to dr n to put on my books so i can go to jail realy i got to do a year in jail



My dad is a fat ass cunt im all the way in another country and he hasent paid my school fees, im 4 weeks behind because i havent applied due to no fees, now he is ducking my calls and wont even reply me, i hope something bafd happens to him



I can't go on...

I'm really sick, mentally sick I mean. I'm jealous of his co-worker. He kind of ignores whatsapp since she showed up.

chim clapato

Chicito and ninja 5 mission Albatros

Once Chicito and Ninja were walking around, they had nothing to do and so they were just looking if there would be any place to hide from the sun that was beating on their heads.


The night of the Berlin Psychozombies

Dr. Mojito is standing there, first he looks to the left then to the right suddenly he remembers something a complete idiot told him " ok Dr.

al camelot

Ninja and chicito 4

Once Ninja and Chicito were walking through the night, it was a crowded street, they turned to the left and arrived in a small street, where there were not allot of people.

don golot

Chicito and Ninja 3

Once they were sitting in a backyard, at a place nobody could see them, Ninja was about to fall asleep when chicito asked " Say Ninja i was wondering something...

al cijote

Ninja Bum 2

Once they were sitting there under a roof, it was raining and they were listening to the raindrops falling down.

don clapot

Ninja Bum 1

They were walking on the street. Chicito had a bad feeling , he was looking at ninjas face and ninja had this strange look in the eyes he always had it when he was having his "magic moments".

continue the ...

Ninja Bum

Ninja is living in Madrid with his right hand Chicito. Most of the time, they just hang around having a drink and looking for something to eat.


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