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My internet provider should be awarded a prize for scamming.

This motherfucking assholes have been charging us prices that are way too fucking expensive even for optic fiber while only giving us adsl/copper connection bullshit, that has fucking trouble every single month and can't exceed a speed superior of 500kbps on both upload/download. They installed all the necessary bullshit for optic fiber two months ago, even technicias they have sent to "fix" our stupid adsl connection have told me they have no clue why the fuck my town doesn't have optic fiber yet when they themselves were the ones that installed everything and it should be ready to just launch and go, three months ago. The fuckers won't even pick up the phone when anyone wants to put a complaint and they'll have you waiting a fucking hour just so they can hang up when you say hello. I really wish they all just got the worst shit possible in life because all of their company is just vile as putrid and rancid pig vomit.






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