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Mark Z

Mental Health

The constant whining about mental health = having too much free time. WHY? Look at history, Wars, conquering empires, fight for survival, Famine, constant diseases on the same level as covid, yet here we are and now because we have so much free time, no real wars, only go to war if you want, good health care etc...


Mental Health whining

SHUT UP about mental health jeez, people won't stop whining about it, our ancestors didn't even know what mental health was, yet here we are.

Analog man

What r we doing if robot replace human?

I'm so scared if something happened in the nearly future. If something we don't know and can't control it live among us also they don't know themselves either.


There is practically no education about lesbianism so don't harm others for not knowing ...

At most, information is found on the Internet, and most of it is made up of superstitions, theses, theories, and assumptions that are yet to be confirmed scientifically somehow and somewhere, by some kind of study.


Gay Supporter sucks!

I hate this fanatical Gay supporter Juan. He does not allow any other opinion than his. I hope that he will be punished.


Mental illness

Everything in life just seems so tough, from getting out of bed in the morning to walking into work, trying to keep your mouth shut when you're being judged in & outside of work.


The mask that society wears...

Having to behave in a way that is in line with bullshit generalised social guidelines is creating a depression epidemic .


The world is an annoying place!!!

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid, freaking world i hate you



Didn't try, saw the kids that did up on stage with their awards and realized how much I regret not doing the right thing. feel like shit about myself. sorry for messing this up.

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