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Last frikin semester in the 3rd quarter and i'm on my period, ok? I'm a little stressed out because I have 9 tests within the next 4 days and honestly I don't feel all that great about any of them. Yes, I get that I have my license and everything but I'm desperately trying to do my homework to fit in a little bit of time for studying. Long story short, mom asked me to pick up my little brother from school and I said no because I've got shit to do and she's watching the walking dead. Now, I've got no phone, no social media, on the brink of losing driving privileges, and being threatened that I won't be allowed to play a spring sport this year.

My grades aren't bad AT ALL. I've got a 3.7 gpa, I'm in clubs and sports and shit, and I'm basically my parents' little bitch like 80% of the time. SORRY if my room is messy and I really didn't feel like picking up my brother for once, I mean lord knows they've never had to do it since I've been able to drive. I don't think that really justifies having to write down the passwords to EVERYTHING that I'm connected to, right?

I'm not saying sorry for yelling back at her, I really don't think she deserves it.






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That really sucks but you know what you can can try your best at the test and do everthing . im 14 to tell the truth but i try reallyh hard on test and i end up gettinga c in it but i gusss i never study






Man friends are dick one minute their nice to you the next their being assholes.

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