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Ackkkkkkkkk im embarresed

I know this is for blowing off steam but my teacher just caught me dancing around listening to music while i was supposed to be working...



School right now sucks because my parents are pissed about the fact that they got three "f" phone calls when it was incomplete calls and I have the stuff, and i tried to turn it in, but the teacher left!

Pissed off by...

School. (Period)

Issue 1. My deadline is next Friday. What the hell, life?! Issue 2. My teachers claim that my discussion posts are way too long.


I'm done with school

I am done with exams, assignments, reports, essays, just so FUCKING DONE!!!! I just want to sleep well for once and also just not care about useless assignments that won't be related to my fucking future career.

why tho


So I have to read this short story and answer 13 fucking questions about it, but the questions are so ridiculously stupid I'm trying not to laugh my fucking head off or scream at them.

i can't take ...

My shortcomings

The fact that i did so poorly at the crucial times when i had to perform well academically in order to get into a good college annoys the hell out of me.


School projects

I cant fucking go to sleep without getting a fucking message from some talking about a school project that i have already done my part to then my mom yelling at when i have to stay up to fucking midnight doing schoolwork.

pissed off te...

I've had a bad day

Last frikin semester in the 3rd quarter and i'm on my period, ok? I'm a little stressed out because I have 9 tests within the next 4 days and honestly I don't feel all that great about any of them.


School and other stuff

I hate school so much. I want to quit school but i can't. I can't stand the competition i face and it is driving me nuts.

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