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Although we here at Let-Off-Steam stand up for freedom of expression and open discussion culture, such a forum couldn't work without some important rules. Please read them and think about it when writing posts or comments.

  1. Common sense: Use your common sense to determine whether your contribution to common social customs and rules breach
  2. .
  3. Discriminatory and abusive posts on waivers to offend or discriminate against groups of people. Whether it is black, white, women, men or members of different religions or countries; affronting whole groups of people is forbidden in every way.
  4. Real names: Here you can complain individual people and describe what's wrong with them - but - please use synonyms (Man A, Man B, etc.) and no real names for them. Since we here can not examine the accuracy of the statements, we want run into slander legal problems. In addition, these website sees itself as a platform for reducing frustration and not as a place where people should be exposed.
  5. Violence: Violence glorification against humans or animals are also strictly forbidden.

If you follow the above rules, this allows us a place of open discussion.

We reserve us the right to delete posts and comments from users which violete these rules without warning. Users that, after admonition, repeatedly violated the rules, can be blocked.

And now, have fun at Let-Off-Steam!
The administrator

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