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Good God. Dotard Trump of AmeriKKKA truly pisses me off due to the fact that he elected Scott Pruit, ex CEO OF CHEVRON, as the Head of our Environmental Protection Agency. The fact that he allowed us to pull of the Paris Climate Agreement, Iran Nuclear Deal, and DACA. Not to mention how he spreads cop brutality by encouraging them to "stop being so nice". How about letting our children die because children can purchase ASSAULT WEAPONRY (CREATED FOR MASS DEATH) and carrying it without so much as a permit!?!? You want to let teachers have guns in the classroom, so that the angry, alt-right children of America can shoot the black children more easily? He is a disgrace and anyone of his cult driven followers should be assessed to see if they operate without a heart....

Let me be clear: I give a flying fuck if you disagree. :) [Report]

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Paris Climate Agreement is totaly Bullshit. Only Globalist-Communist-Propaganda. But the Iran Nuclear Deal was good, Trump cacelt this Deal only for Netanjahu. Trump make America not Great Again. Trump only makes Israel Great Again. This is why i am critisied Trump. His Politic is the same as Bush. This is the Neocon-War-Agenda in the Middle East. But i hope he arrested the Swamp in the USA.



If u think Paris Climate Agreement is Shit then you will live to see the day when the wold is on fire! I believe in trying to FIX OUR MISTAKES. Why does the white house have a sinkhole in their yard?? bc we are going to hell in a hand basket.... Hillary was no better though I will say... Standing by a cheater husband...
bernie was our only chance until next election


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