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Must this be an angry entry? I am just feeling down on the dirt today. I do not feel like leaving my home and I do not feel like moving from my bed. If it wasn't for my grades, I would be doing absolutely nothing but sleeping. I am just tired of life. I am tired of people and their betrayal and their lies. I am tired of being blamed on for things that are not my fault. I am tired of apologizing for things that I have done nothing wrong in. I am tired of friends leaving me for other friends. I am tired of countless sleepless nights over the stress of my future. I am so absolutely tired of dealing with every day life. I cannot stress that enough. Every day I wish I would never wake up from my slumber so that I can dream and dream and never have to face another day of hell. Why do people suck so much? Why is there nothing going for me and my life? Why? Why? Why? Why do I think the way I do? Why must I be so cautious about how I present myself just so I can keep the friends I have put a lot of effort into making? Why must bitchy people exist on this planet? Why am I still here? I just hate everything.






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