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I fucking have no luck. Let's see what happened to me on the last couple of months:
- I got mugged, just minutes after I got agressively rejected by this cunt who prefered the company of a brainless ape who could barely talk (I'm serious about that), also police burocracy is shit;
- Couldn't go to a funeral I wanted to go due to time constraints (news was given to me 15 min before people arrived to a party I spent ages trying to prepare, try to greet people after a news like that - She was my age (26), not fair. Not Fucking Fair);
- Was forced to go to a funeral I didn't want to go (fucking hated my grandmother, still had to deal with the whole family hipocrisy and unpoliteness). This was in the same week I had 2 exams and 1 essay (all of them about death-related archaeologic subjects like ancient cemiteries and latin tombstone interpretations - no joke, honestly).
- Developed a furuncle;
- Spent two weeks aphonic (and with one heck of a cold);
- Sprained my left foot and ankle twice;
- Had to give an important presentation alone and prepare it in one night (my work collegue was in an hospital bed and no one had the decency to tell me);
- Had to limp to college after injuring my left knee (and I need treatment for the right one - one year waiting for therapy and still counting);
- Took a nutshot right in both balls during a football/soccer match with friends (spent hours with an ice pack on my nutsack - no joke);
- My gay housemate and long time friend finally introduced me to his lady friends (turns out they all either have a boyfriend or are ugly as sin. One of them actually flirted with me until my friend told me she has a boyfriend but likes to flirt with other guys just for attention. Wasted my whole night);
- On the same night I got all wet after a douchebag dropped his beer mug on me (guy left before I could see his face and break it);
- Had to refund the ticket to my favorite band (AC/DC) and couldn't go. (also the vocalist got replaced by Axel Rose and I hate his face);
- Just discovered my ex (whom I secretly want to see being miserable in her love life) has already a one year long relationship;
- After 36 intense hours making two college essays I slept due to exaustion, and missed the presentation and the exam right afterwards.
- College finals are not going well.
- And the cherry on top: I don't have sex in almost 2 years (I workout 3 times a week and have a pleasent face - so it's not my looks. Just lack of time, social life a fucking luck)

I tried to be positive. I honestly did. I already quit smoking this year, went on a diet and lost weight. I deserve a break. It's unfair.
I Fucking feel miserable, hopeless and so fucking alone. My life is fucked. Just wanted to vent that. Thank you!






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