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I'm done

I'm done. I've had a great life. Grew up went to school got my degree and realized I like guys but that was not allowed. First time I was tempted to give up

I prayed and prayed for a miracle and it was delivered. My future wife came into my life. And life moved on. Found a job and had three childern and life was great till one day she cheated my job ended and this the second time I was tempted to give up

We both seemed stranded in time and again I prayed for a miracle and it was delivered a new job thousand miles away and packed up the family and we started all over. Years went by and life was good. Then I cheated with a guy. Thus the third time I wanted to give up with the divorce and restructuring at work.

I then spent the next ten years drifting between jobs in and out of two relationships and now I'm to the point of hating my job that I skip work, no relationship and this time I'm done. I see no reason to do this anymore or repeat. I've come to the conclusion I'm a failure and flawed.

Thank you for letting me write this down and let it go.






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