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I hate my life

I hate my life

What annoys me? OH TRUST ME THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THAT ANNOY ME! First off all, it is the fact that my family is becoming extremly poor, so they had to sell my good pc, and get me a laptop from 2010! also, sence my family is getting really poor, they had to sell my phone, and we are also moving in into a even smaller apartment than we are in right now. Also, another thing that frustrates me is that my parents are now considering going back to my country because here in america everything is REALLY expensive and so they are considering to go back to my country sence things are a lot cheaper. and finally, another thing that frustrates me is that my mom, is going to end my gym membership because we are getting really poor. And now basically, I am litturally left with nothing, and my family has no FUCKEN MONEY!






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