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I annoyed everything...

Everything in the world. so am I a sickness? everything in the world. so am I a sickness? everything in the world.

Quietus Sound...

Just having a(nother) bad day

Frustrated and worried because the husband is always sick or sleeping, he's irritated at me today (like most days), I have laundry and dishes to do, I need to wash my hair, my back hurts, my mentally ill aunt who lives with us has questions and keeps yammering at me about a doctor's visit tomorrow but she doesn't speak English and I don't ...


I'm so busy and it's annoying.

I really wish i wasn't as busy and i could jsut sleep, can i do that? god wtf is happening to my life.



Fuck everyone and everything!!!!!!!!! Iโ€™m sick of life period!! Life can suck my mf dick and die!!!!

Farting Queen

Im so sorry

I sometimes fart on people. And then, they smell bad. When im in da club and a dude is dancing behind me, i just fart on him.

That Fucking ...

I had to make that FUCKING list

So one Sunday night I watched a video of a performance that my small team did and I noticed a lot of mistakes, so I thought it might be helpful to point them out to everyone.

John Fart

What anoys me, you ask?

What anoys me you ask? Probably the fact that one user here is always starting ther threads with the sentence ,,What anoys me?''. The answear of the little sentence, which is shown in the empty thread box.


What annoys me, you say?

Probably the fact that I can't remember if I have eaten anything today. P.S. I checked. I haven't consumed anything since dinner yesterday.

A phantasy name

Im a loser

ALways Im the guy who everyone likes being with, but the moment something happens in class, or the moment someone has a party, Im not invited, and I always take the blame for everything.

I hate my life

I hate my life

What annoys me? OH TRUST ME THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS THAT ANNOY ME! First off all, it is the fact that my family is becoming extremly poor, so they had to sell my good pc, and get me a laptop from 2010!


I'm Lost

My best friend pushed me away. I don't know why. Around the last week or so of school she stopped talking to me and moved to another spot at the lunch table and I don't know why.


Self punishing

I almost caused my family whom I love very much a car accident because of being stupid and reckless!! I feel so ashamed and dead in the inside I just wanna punish myself

Useless Waste...

Sadness (rant/complaint)

Must this be an angry entry? I am just feeling down on the dirt today. I do not feel like leaving my home and I do not feel like moving from my bed.

Depressed lil...

Tired of shit

Everything annoys me at this point. Its like Im not allowed to get angry while everyone around me removes their anger on me.

I don't know

Story of my life

I hate when you have a hard night and to get your mind off things you to look online and get stuff out of your head then have difficulties such as phone brakes, computer is junk, to shaky/irritated to concentrate on.



I did something stupid, and now the most hypicritical little girl in this universe is threatening me because of it!

One Unlucky SOB


I fucking have no luck. Let's see what happened to me on the last couple of months: - I got mugged, just minutes after I got agressively rejected by this cunt who prefered the company of a brainless ape who could barely talk (I'm serious about that), also police burocracy is shit; - Couldn't go to a funeral I wanted to go due to time constraints ...


I'm done

I'm done. I've had a great life. Grew up went to school got my degree and realized I like guys but that was not allowed.

Fuck me

I fucking suck

I blew three at bats with two strikeouts. I've only had one base hit all season with walks and outs at first plaguing me.



Im stressed and someone likes me and i like them but they also think that im annoying blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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