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So, there are minorities that have achieved their goal, African Americans in America during the 1800's, American Indians during the settleing of America, the LGBTQ community is on the rise. We feel bad because we treated the Africans like objects to do our work, we feel TERRIBLE about that, we STILL feel terrible about that, and the fact that we stole land from the Indians, and yet we still have yet to see the troubles and unorthodox ways we have treated women in the past. They weren't allowed to vote, they weren't allowed to own land, they still are treated as objects, and not people. We flaunt their bodies on magazine covers and on tv. In some countries, women aren't allowed to drive, show their bodies in public, and some even aren't allowed to walk alongside a man in public, they must walk a few feet behind them. For so long we have treated women as objects and a inferior being. While men get to make their way in the world that they have built themselves. Women have been trying for a long time to get equality, and men keep oppressing them. Even in some of the last known matriarchies in the world, men say that the women in these societies see themselves as having power, when in reality, they are giving men what they want. A one night stand without having to worry about the child or feeding a family. Men are allowed to be happy and wise, while women have to be premature in the face of power, and unintelligible in the face of a man.






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