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Two things I am pissed off about.

1. All these spoiled little brats on this forum who complain about having to go to school. Like honestly? STFU, you know nothing about life, you know nothing about hardship and you clearly know nothing about restrictions. Go and work and pay for your own living, let's see if you are annoyed that you have to go back to work then or if you prefer to end up on the street as there is no salary anymore due to some maniac politicians oppressing the people.

2. Wtf is it about Brits, Americans and other English natives? This pure and plain arrogance and know-it-all mentality while most of the world laughs about their lack of education and insight. How can one be that dumb? How can they support this trans-gender, political correctness, BLM madness even? It's hypocrisy, the embodiment of hypocrisy, literally.

BLM are racists. Gay-Pride-Movement is oppressive towards hetero-sexuals and political correctness is nothing but censorship and anti-democracy.






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