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My roomate behaves like a child

She is mad at me because I told her to hurry up when she was applying make up and taking pictures at 3 in the morning!!!while I'm trying to sleep to be able to finish part of the results of my Master thesis!!. The worst part is that the atmosphere in the room is negative, heavy and toxic. Off course, that is in my head!! I have anxiety and I tend to make wrong assumptions but I know she was badmouthing me
me saying I was aggressive. But, I spoke to her respectfully. Anyway, I don't look for a solution here I just wanted to say it.
Also, I'm an adult, and when my mother died, when I was 19, I had to be the kinda of a mother of my old brother and my twin, and they used to be mad at me for telling them to do the things they had to do. It was annoying and this situation reminds me that feeling. I'm not here to be someone's mother. Sorry..not sorry a by the way, This person used to be a friend and she knows more that I'd like to.






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