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My best friend is being stolen away from me... again...

I have a best friend. Much like everyone else does, but recently she's been hanging out with a bunch of new friends she's met and never has time to hang out with me. It's like every weekend she already has plans with her new friends. I really have a fear that I'm going to lose her. This has happened to me before, in 5th grade. I had a best friend that I did everything with, we'd been friends since 2nd grade, then this new girl came along and pulled her completely away from me. Usually on the last day of school, She and I would hop on the gold cart and head to the pool. But in 5th grade, that didn't happen. I went out expecting to do the same thing, and I saw her riding off with the new girl. I cried in my room for probably an hour. I hate people. That's it. [Report]

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I KNOW how you feel


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To tell the truth im going throgh the same thing and then she truns all of the sudden nice when she was a devil 5 minutes ago


Man friends are dick one minute their nice to you the next their being assholes.

Danii James

Me too. Except its some boy ๐Ÿ˜’



Know how you feel. Not much you can do though, except try to get along with the other guys... -.-



I'm going through the same thing right now



I wish I could understand 100%, but i've never had a best friend. I hope you meet someone better though.



The same thing is happening to me...just a bit more subtle i guess...basically, me and my friend (let's call her K), we are in volleyball together and we became really close. But then this girl that iv'e known for like ever, (lets call her E), she came in and is starting to get really close with K. They started hanging out and stuff and K even blew me off and lied to me after I asked her if she wanted to sleepover. She went and had a sleepover with E. Since E is really rich and all that stuff, she offered to take K to see her favorite musical artist (Justin Bieber) in concert. They have been talking non stop about it and how they planned a whole shopping thing on the weekend before it. Also, K has some cute friends in the UK and we talk about them all the time and she talks to one of the brothers and we wanted to have me get together with the other. She trusted only me with all the cute stuff she talked about with her guy friend (the first brother) but now E knows even more and K might be telling her that she can get together with the other brother. E isn't even that pretty and she can be annoying at times, but shes taking away someone that I care about and idk...i dont want to lose my friend. But long story short lol, I know what you're going through...it's been happening to me all of my life, just know that there is someone out there who understands and I hope things get better for you :)



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I'm going through the same exact thing, and the opposite at the same time. (THIS GIRL WON'T LEAVE US ALONE)


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