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I hate everyone

I don't think I can just blow off some steam in a few paragraphs; I need a few books for EACH person. But this will have to do. Please note that the people's names I am writing include the first letter of the real person's name.(as if you care)
Person K: I am the kind of person that likes to help those around her because I try to be nice. But apparently, some people just LIKE to get on my nerves for a living. Some people want you to do everything for them like they are your young; NO YOU ARE NOT. I don't care if you fail or not because it doesn't affect ME. I try to be nice to you but you just. wanna. push. my. buttons.
Le's move on...
Person G: This lady is a two-faced-double crossing friend-stealing asshole who wants me to give in to my sociopathic serial killer demons and kill everyone around me. UGVDJSBJDFHJBVDFHCJXFUD!!! She sticks to everyone like glitter~no a leech. No, a glittery leech because that's what she is. You can't get rid of her and she sucks the life out of you. I used to be bullied by everyone and she was the Regina George of the class. Everyone APPARENTLY hates her but they ALSO love and worship her. Dammit.
She showed me her true nature AND only me. So being the person that everyone makes fun of, I can't be trusted when I tell them that their angel is actually the devil in disguise. I MEAN SHE CAN MAKE FUN OF EVERYONE AND PEOPLE WILL STILL LOVE HER THE NEXT DAY. WHEN WILL KARMA GET HER DAMMIT. When we all ask questions about something we didn't get in class, she won;t help you UNTIL she has helped herself. She will tell you she has no clue, she then sends her assignment on time, AND AFTER YOU ASK AGAIN, she acts as if this is the simplest thing anyone can know and acts so smug about it and acts like: well, OF COURSE you had to do that.
As you can tell, I love her S O. M U C H.

Person D: She is the cool girl that everyone loves and everyone wants to be her best friend. She CALLED me her best friend, and for once, made me feel like I am enough. Like I am not a burden to be around. But then whenever person G makes fun of me or anything and I tell her that, she doesn't believe me because she has known her for . a much longer time.... SERIOUSLY? And when person G publicly makes fun of me or ANYTHING, she defends HER. HOW. WHY. You make me feel good about my self only to break me in front of everyone and side with the person everyone knows I hate? You make ME the scapegoat of every argument and make ME feel bad about myself??? WHY. After all the times I stood up for you, told you how much you mean to me, helped you... And I can't even count on you. Not on the simplest things AND DEFINITELY not for backing me up... And what sucks is that I care so much about you even if I distance myself and I still get hurt whenever you hang out with her or ANYONE because you choose them first. I feel so bad about myself and the thing is that I already know that I'm not even your second or third or tenth choice. But you know the effect you have on my feelings and how sensitive I am and you do the things you do again and again... I try to be there for you whenever no one is, you are never there for me... That ruins me. That breaks my heart.

My problem is that I depend on those that I shouldn't be depending on, I care for those that don't care for me, I help those that don't help me, I make those laugh that are the reason that I cry at night. I do all this for everyone because I know what it feels like to be like me and I wouldn't want anyone to feel that way about themselves.
But what matters is that I am starting to care about myself and I am working on myself. I am gonna forget about those that hurt me. I am gonna care about myself from now on.

-raginggirl [Report]

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I know exactly what you feel. Hate is the only thing I have, my misanthropy will never stop I guess. You just need to stop caring about people and everything will be okay. And I always told myself: “I can be distant if I want to”. Seriously, I’ve always been better without people. Everyone is just so damn retarded.



@InaktivX: You know what? YEAH. I've had a similar mindset a while back, but I usually ended up feeling bad about myself because no one was showing me the same "emotions" and people were always warm with each other... I was younger then, so I gotta try again. Thanks man!



You hate everyone. But Bernard loves you anyway. Bernard loves everyone!



Wow... This sounds about as fun as... Well... Dental surgery, OCD, and sisters rolled into a huge ball. AKA no fun at all. Try finding new friends! That might help!


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