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Fuck Parents

Fuck me what is wrong with some parents. This might sound stupid to some people but they can fuck off, because if they don't relate to this they are obviously privileged twats.
So my dad comes back with some shopping, Im an A level student so I go say hi and go back to killing myself by typing up an essay. He walks by about ten minutes later and says "didn't feel like helping then". Seriously, shut the fuck up. Whenever Im doing something and you're working you come in and say "oh well done", never "I could've helped you". So when kids feel like saying "didn't feel like helping then", that is apparently classed as 'rude' and 'backchat'. Shut the fuck up to the parents that say we should listen to them, by not standing up for ourselves you are essentially ruining or lives by discrediting our voices, if we don't stand up for ourselves now then someone will just walk all over us later on in life. So to all the Spithead parents out there and the class A twat kids that disagree with this, go suck each other off, cuz if you agree with each other so much you might as well just fuck with each others policies and with each others dicks, go fuck yourselves.






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