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Seres Victoria


Why is it that friends complain to you and you try your best to help them? But in the end they end up offended. My one friend was just saying how they are picking favorites at her job. And she is treated not as well at the job. But in the past few years she was given lots of positive reinforcement and thank you's from management for doing a good job. So she wasn't chosen to be the one of many people who does a good job at her work. I have responded saying this if you don't like how you are being treated at your job you can always leave and get a new job where they will respect you. And she says it's not like that and says because of my epilepsy it's not that easy. So what 1 in thousands of people in this world have it way worse than you do. Some people don't have jobs and others just live on disability making way less than you do. You should consider yourself lucky to have a job and to be able to go in and out of a building. Some people can just be so entitled and don't realize how good they have it.






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