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Ex-Best Friend

My best friend got herself another best friend. My ex-best friend is the worst person I ever met. She is also my roommate and she just lives in the fucking darkness. I open the curtains, she closes them right after. She plays loud music when I am trying to sleep. She then blames me for everything and then states that I am jealous of her relationship with her new friend. I couldn't care less about that bitch. She's literal trash. I wish the worst upon her. [Report]

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You SHOULD wish the worst upon her. I do too. My ex best friend (I have a new one) started hanging out with someone else, and when I confronted her she said "I CAN'T ONLY HANG OUT WITH YOU OMG YOU'RE SO NEEDY!" They're the worst people I've ever met. She promised to be my best friend FOREVER and guess what? She ditched me for someone who insults her in public and she just laughs it off, because her new "best friend" is the most popular girl in our school. I got myself a new best friend, she's so much better. Start saving up money to move out because she's not worth your time.


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