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Why is every friend I meet like this? I thought I was pretty close with a group of girls I was friends with but they have openly excluded me in activities and I feel left out. They also make it seem like they aren't excluding me by adding reasons but I can see what they are trying to do. It really hurts my feelings but I don't want to talk to them and tell them "Hey, I feel left out, include me too." They will just think I am needy and annoying. They invite me to things but then leave without me and without telling me and afterwards act like they never invited me at all. Fuck these people. I am done with these people. I don't care anymore. It hurts but I will eventually get over it. My life is shit. [Report]

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Oh my god, I'm experiencing the exact same thing. Two girls who I thought were my "friends" sometimes walk with me home, AND PURPOSELY LEAVE ME AS THE THIRD ONE TO WALK IN THE BACK. Honestly, if they treat you like that, **** them. They're not your friends. Before leaving your "friends," tell them openly that if you're going to be treating like ****, they're not worth your time.


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