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Things in life that suck ass

-bitches at school -terrible teachers at school -terrible self esteem -judgement -when people try to one-up me when i try to tell them how i feel


Silent Treatment

If there's one thing that annoys me, it's the silent treatment. Only edgy teenagers do that, not adults. It's sad when the latter does it.

A. Leal

Social Conformity

The majority. The majority and the stereotypes they create annoy me.


Fuck you all

That my friend enjoyed her time with another girl TOO much.


This fucking day

Took a day off to take the kids to the museum. Instead one of them got sick and has vomited and had diarrhea all night and all morning.


Coming into contact with a right-wing Christian

Ugh, I wanted a stock photo of a feather but instead I got to lock horns with someone who doesn't want gay marriage and is so right wing I could murder them and not even feel sorry.

Weary Traveler

Always Late

My boyfriend and I have a four hour car trip today and we were supposed to have left an hour ago before it got dark to beat some of the cold road conditions.


Fuck Everything

Life. Fuck people and fuck being alone. There is no point to anything.



Fuck my chem teacher with his stupid questions. Because of him my grades are dropping. Piece of shit needs to get his shit together and become a better teacher.



They are always changing their minds

mr angry


Critical people like R. H. and S. H. can suck it.

People who criticize art have no idea how it affects the artist, and have no interest in actually seeing beauty.


Trying to get someone to see!

It annoys the crap out of me when my best friend, and my other best friend will not just become a couple. Things are complicated, yes, but when things move you so that you meet someone, then you need to go with that change.

Firemage of t...

My freinds are as*holes

So i play InHouse Games with my Friends, its come to a point where i can't play them without getting upset at someone for something, Be it my team or theirs And the only other option my freind is giving me is to not play them THEN IM ALONE!~ what the heck is the point of a inhouse match if not to play together, so i can't play because ill ...

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