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Cleaning company website new-york

Cleaning up homes or cottages is a preferred service amongst owners of lodge. Preserving their sanitation is often fairly bothersome and difficult, since it is a large location of the facilities and the bordering location, there are several restrooms and also rooms for numerous purposes.



Why do you blame me or shit I did not do. Also why do you make every little fucking mistake so fucking big. You always have to be so fucking right, even wheen you are fucking wrong you are right.



I'm just fed up with this world I wanna drive to a different town and I can't coz I failed my driver's test every time my boss doesn't pay me in my crappy job flipping burgers all day my best friends fucking retarded my neighbours a boring cunt and he plays his loud ass instrument that sounds like a fucking tween dying and fucking worst of ...


U.S Americans and British people are so uneducated.

U.S Americans and British people are so uneducated. Being German myself, I am fed up with the unbelievable stupidity of MOST (not all) of these people. They think they are the greatest and everything they did, do and will do is absolutely amazing.

Random User


My mom is soo damn annoying, everything needs to be her way or no way. If she doesnt get what she wants, or you make a tiny fucking mistake, she is going to throw a fucking tantrum.


I've Had Enough

I am so angry. My partner is a hypocritical, self-absorbed, gaslighting nutjob with borderline personality disorder, and is really getting on my nerves with their appalling behaviour today, I can't say anything about it or they threaten to kill themselves, so I'm letting it out here.


Sister in law

I hate that my Sister in law doesnt give in my interesting proposals.. I m texting her things with extra meaning letting her imagine things and seems like she enjoys that.


Fucking childhood ruined

I grew up in an extremely Christian home and only just recently realized what a load of bullshit it is. Being beat at the age of 8 for calling a girl "babe", being spanked for saying "oh my gosh", amongst others.

I don't Fucki...

Guest coming over and I'm the only one home

What annoys me? The fact that we have 5 family members coming from 12+ hours away that are going to show up to our house and it's going to be only me home.

Beautiful Mer...

Today a Fish shit on my shoulder!

Today, I was swimming in the sea. Suddenly I saw a dark shadow flying over me. I looked above and saw a big fish circling his patrol. ''How cute'' I thought.

Vinegar in th...

I have vinegar in my eye

Ahh this pain! My Eye hurts so much since I tried to use vinegar to clean it out. Why I did this, you ask? Hmm .


Roommate Who Doesn't Want To Pay Bills

My roommate has decided to complain to me about the amount that bills cost. I am a 22 year old female and at least I UNDERSTAND THAT BILLS ARE NON NEGOTIABLE.

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