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The place I work for is run by idiots. The town I live in is also run by idiots. They're having open air block parties during this pandemic. The restaurant I work for had pre-wedding parties and now packs people outside. I have to wash their dirty dishes covered in germs. I've been working through this pandemic and haven't had a break. People with no lives call to complain about delivery drivers and I always get accused. I drive a generic car that has no balls. I can't drive fast even if I wanted. Now they're hiring tons of new people specifically mousy white girls with no spines. The current agm told a girl who was getting sexually harassed by the old agm to not speak up. The current agm defended the sexual predator who was getting his employees drunk and trying to take them home to his place. That girl obviously quit after that whole mess. There is no protection for workers. The health department doesn't care and the labor board definitely doesn't give two f**ks about anyone in food service. The gm and agm don't even know how to fill a 3 compartment sink.
They used corona to made everything less efficient. Don't be fooled into thinking that restaurants are any safer to eat at. Employees washing their hands? Don't make me laugh..






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