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THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING I'M MAKING A PART TWO. (See my other post for the base of what happened). Remember that girl who didn't understand the CONCEPT OF THE WORD NO?! WELL SHE'S BACK FOR MORE. She continues to BOTHER US AND ANNOY US AND SHE WON'T LET GO. It's like my best friend and I severed the rope BUT SHE'S STILL HANGING ONTO THE CLIFF AND TRYING TO PULL US DOWN WITH HER. I've also recently been having some stress problems and mental breakdowns, about other things, and while my bff and I were talking about it, SHE DECIDES TO BUTT IN AND MAKE EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. Like I'm talking about my parent's divorce and my problems AND SHE COMES IN SAYING "HELLO I HAD A COOKIE FOR BREAKFAST." WHAT THE HECK?! I just want to tell her, to scream and spit in her face "LEAVE US ALONE AND GET A LIFE, AND WHILE YOU'RE OUT GETTING A LIFE, YOU KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD DO?! LOOK UP THE MEANING OF THE WORD 'NO' IN THE DICTIONARY. THANK YOU." But she's very whiny and overreacts so much it's like she's a nuclear power plant, so obviously if I do that, she's going to go whining to the teacher and to her parents. She thinks the world revolves around her and if, you know, for once someone ELSE gets even a little bit of attention, she'll go whining about how "NO ONE LIKES HER" and that "EVERYONE HATES HER". She also makes CLUBS FOR NO DANG REASON. Like once I broke my finger and got a splint on it. I decided to use sharpie on the splint to make it look like a koala, to make me feel better. THEN SHE SEES IT AND SAYS "Oh we should make a Koala Club!" SHE WAS PLANNING TO MAKE A FANBASE AROUND MY BROKEN FINGER, WHAT THE HECK?! Also, during that time, we had a social studies project (Not the one from last time, a different one), and I was pairing up with my best friend for it. So, to make sure everyone got a partner, my teacher asked everyone (In front of the class) who their partner was. I said my best friend, my best friend said me. THEN IT GETS TO THE GIRL AND SHE SAYS MY NAME. The whole class goes quiet because THEY KNOW **** IS GONNA GO DOWN. The teacher asks us to sort the problem and then moves on. I'M SO CONFUSED, I NEVER MADE PLANS WITH THIS GIRL. She ended up whining and she took my hand (SHE GRABBED IT AND MY BROKEN FINGER HURT LIKE HECK) and screamed at my best friend to back off. A whipped my hand out of hers and said that SHE should back off and watch her attitude. My best friend said it's okay and the girl and I ended up being partners. My best friend and I only decided that so I can see how clingy she is. ALSO, during that time (I still had my broken finger, remember that), we were working on our projects. I excused myself to go to the bathroom. My best friend went with me (I couldn't get my splint wet, I needed someone to hold it for me while I washed my hands). I finished up and my best friend and I were walking back. As my bff went to a different area, the girl asked me what I was doing with "her." I said "She's my best friend, why can't I be with her?" She glared at me the whole day. UGH IT'S SO FRUSTRATING!!! She also does similar things with my best friend. UGH SHE WON'T BACK OFF!!! [Report]

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