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Some middle school girls are the worst

I have a best friend and she is the greatest we have amazing nick names, and then I met the most horrible person, she was mean to me critisized me and made me feel worthless. With her I was not me, I was not unique or interesting and she never even listend to me. I had sometning really personal and hard happen to me and I tryed to tell her and she INTURUPTED ME and started talking about some boy she "liked" that "liked her back" we were only in middle school and she wore shorts with her ass hanging out and crop tops. She thought she was the greatest and no one else matterd. she is insane and she needs to stop using her little games to make people feel worthless, i will not let her hurt anyobe else like she hurt me, i am done being bullyed and I am going to stand up to my bully like we all need to have the courage to do. I belive in evry one of you and I know that you can stand up to your bully like I will mine! don't let anyone make you feel worthless. [Report]

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