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Ok I have a new best friend now, the one mentioned in other stories. We'll call my new best friend SB, the betrayer P, and her new best friend PA. This is the story of what happened (This was in 3rd grade). Once upon a time I was a happy person. But P decided she had to ruin that. P started hanging out with PA more than me. I confronted her about it one day on the bus, and she said to me "OMG! I can't just hang out with you! You're so needy!" What the HECK?! She continued saying "You're my best friend forever!" but she broke that promise. She hung out with PA more than me. By the way, PA is a jerk and it's her hobby to throw insults at me and my new best friend's face. I began to talk to SB and ask her for advice. She gave me the best advice ever. Then, one day, P began publicly referring to herself and PA as best friends. My heart broke into a million pieces. SHE LIED TO ME. BETRAYED ME. SB talked me through it and we became best friends. She helped me through my mental breakdowns, I helped her through her issues. We're best friends now and we're never turning back. Time went on and we avoided them as much as we could. BUT GUESS WHAT?! We sit at the other end of the table at lunch. Now P and PA decided to sit next to us. We switched our spot and they copied us. We went back to our spot, and followed us back. We told them "Stop it!" and they said "Oh my god what did we do to YOU?!" I wanted to spit in their face, I wanted to strangle them. I wanted to yell at them about how they were betrayers and I never wanted to see them again. Then, that same day, I was walking home with my brother. P lives a block away from me, so we take the same route to get home. She put her arm around my shoulder, and I jerked away. She began to talk about herself. ONLY herself. That's all she talks about. She continues to do this. I HATE her. For a time, PA actually wanted to split SB and I apart. She kept saying "You're total OPPOSITES! You can't be best friends." WELL GUESS WHAT, *****, YOU CAN'T CONTROL MY F'ING LIFE. I DON'T REGRET AN F'ING THING. She stopped this after a few months. Then, the girl from the other stories (We'll call her RB) CAME AND DECIDED; 'HMM, YOU KNOW WHAT, I SHOULD TAKE PART IN RUINING SB'S AND HER BEST FRIEND'S LIFE TOO! SEEMS FUN.' SO MUCH STRESS. I have to deal with P and RB always riding my back, PA throwing insults at SB and I's face, and ON TOP OF THAT do all my homework and study. I hate school. I just want to stay bundled up in my bedroom, texting SB. Now PA goes to P's house CONSTANTLY. So she walks with P to her house after school. They say "Oh hey! Can we walk with you too?" and I'm scared of PA, so I say yes. SERIOUSLY, I'M SCARED OF HER. P ditched me for PA because PA is the most popular girl in the entire SCHOOL. If you bother her, she just has to snap her fingers and your reputation is ruined. The teachers love her. The students loved her. She was wearing high heels to school at AGE ******* NINE. I KID YOU NOT. Everyone thinks she's a perfect little butterfly who'll never hurt everyone, but when no one's looking she'll unleash A ******* SNAKE WITH NAIL POLISH AND EXPENSIVE BOOTS. My life is a ******* mess. [Report]

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