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So, I have known this girl for 9 years, and we have started dating for the last six months, but 3 years ago I met a girl that I really fell for, I asked her out then but ran away before she could answer, and I still have feelings for her, and I hate myself for it, but I can't help who I fall for. but like I said, I am dating another girl, whom I love, and plus, this girl who I still have feelings for is gay, I have nothing against gay people, but why does she have to be gay? I thought it would maybe make it easier, and I would still like her, or at least as much, but it didn't help at all, I still love her, and I still hate myself for it, maybe even more now. UGH WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO FEEL THIS WAY?!?!?! GODAMMIT [Report]


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Go for the second one. You wouldn't have fell for her if you had really been in love with the first.


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