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Father and brother act like little dumb animals.

I'm celebrating my birthday this saturday. So we had all these sandwichs and snacks bought for my birthday, and I decided to store it in my family home where I would celebrate it. I explicitly said MULTIPLE TIMES that I would be using all these snacks for my birthday, by the way the total worth was around 100US$.

They confirmed that, multiple times as well. Well, guess who lied like a pig and ate everything. Not one , but SURELY both of them. Of course they would pin it on each other but I know them well enough to know they all ate it together. Piece by piece, a lil bit every day, just playing dumb like I never said anything. That's what they always do when it suits them. They play dumb and then act on their desires/instincts like a fucking animal.

What the fuck am I supossed to do now? Am I supposed to bring over all these people for my birthday and welcome them with an empty fucking table and half eaten cake? I'd for sure like to hear it from them. What the fuck .

I am so fucking glad I don't live with them anymore because they ALWAYS manage like this. Playing dumb here and there, ignoring this and that and then they just complain/get angry/play victim every single time. Jesus fucking christ. Both are older than me like what the fucking fuck? You never actually practice self criticism? Self growth? Self Improvement?

I am just baffled.






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