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Don't live with your best friends

I am so annoyed because Im living with my girlfriend, our best friend, and her boyfriend. When her boyfriend isn't there our friend is super fun to be around and overall a very kind and caring person. When her boyfriend is there she becomes passive aggressive and hard to read. As an emotional person I get super anxious around passive aggressive people- I just want to know what's bothering her rather than being yelled at for small things like a wrinkled blanket or not breaking down the recycling. Not to mention that my girlfriend and I are pretty much the cleanest roommates they could possibly have- we lysol the counters daily and do the dishes before bed. We windex every mirror and window every Sunday. We dust, sweep, and vacuum a few times a week. I never see them clean except when they wash dishes and complain about ours. Its taking a toll on me that I always feel like im doing something wrong because they act friendly and then yell and I cant follow their moods. Im upset and ive tried to talk to them but they always insist they're not trying to be passive aggressive. today they forget a janitors note and said the janitor came in and said we need to clean the toilet better. the building janitors would never come in our apartment, so at this point they're straight up lying. Were all adults, I just wish they were more understanding and better at communicating.






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