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The same girl from the other things I've posted. Always. So this girl (we'll call her RB) is always copying everything my best friend and I do. We'll call my best friend SB. So after SB and I are always telling her we don't want to be her best friend, and to leave us alone, she still won't give up. So she decided to play a "jealousy" game that obviously SB and I weren't affected by. So then after that, guess what? She started copying us. If I say: My favorite color is turquoise, she will immediately say "Oh SAMMEEEE! We're like so in sync." Even though I KNOW that her favorite color is sky blue, not turquoise. She copies everything. SB decided to sing in a school show? Guess what, RB also sang in that show. She thinks its flattering us but it's just annoying. She doesn't understand she needs to get her own style and personality. Also, art, writing and comics are my hobby. So during free time in class I'm inking my comic. She leans over from her seat to see what I'm doing, but I obviously cover it up because I'm sensitive to whoever sees my art. But it was too late. The comics I make I don't publish, but I do show it to my class (SB helps me with them). So the minute RB found out I was making comics, she said "OMG! You know, I think I'm going to make comics too!" But it NEVER happened. She thinks she can brainwash me and become best friends with my best friend and I. But *****, we're already taken, we're already best friends with each other. SB and I have been bffs for a long time. I've even punched the jaw of her crush that called her a ***** and broke her heart... and she stood up for me when people bullied me. Meanwhile RB hasn't done anything for us. She always strikes up small talk, but my bff and I hate small talk. Recently at a school trip, RB insisted on holding hands with SB even though I was already holding hands with SB (we always do it so people know that we're always there for each other). After SB told her "No" she kept whining until SB said "Ugh, fine." She acts like a toddler. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it, I hate her, every single bit possible. SB is actually becoming so annoyed she's submitting to it a little bit, and that makes me want to throw up. But SB and I are inseparable, and RB doesn't understand that... and neither do other people. Since the moment SB and I were BFFs, people criticized our relationship (at the time she and I were complete opposites). A few of the many snarky comments that were made about us include: "They're, like, complete opposites." "They're going to kill each other." "That's NEVER going to work." "OMG did you become best friends on the highway? Because this is going to be an accident." (HaHa.) "'I bet they'll last 3 days.' 'You're on.'" People were making BETS about how long we were going to remain best friends, and that felt like a stab in the gut. Well, guess what? We've been going on since we were 5, *****es. But I still feel like throwing up. I cry when I'm alone about the dumbest things, because I have to hold in the real stress and real problems in public, and I don't want people to think I'm weak. I know people think I'm an overreacting dumb*** because my life probably isn't as horrible as theirs. And it seems nobody wants to talk to me these days... even SB is being a little distant. Nobody responds to my text messages in private conversations but will answer in group conversations. I usually don't go to recess because I monitor, but one day I had the day off. While everyone was running around and screaming like idiots, I was sitting alone in the corner on the verge of crying. Not one person cared to stop by to see what's wrong, because of course everyone in my class is so self centered that they're buried in their own ego. (SB was at monitoring that day so she couldn't be with me.) Also, it seems like SB is ignoring me these days... I'll text her about something serious like divorce, or bullies, or the gossiping girls in our class that butt into everyone's business, because we're like each others' therapist. She doesn't answer. I can see that she's read my messages, and she only talks on group chats. The only time she texts me is when SHE has a problem, and doesn't respond to mine while I respond to hers. She's being distant, and she's the only friend that understands me, so I don't want to lose her. We're always together and happy in school but when we're not in school, she's distant, and I don't know what to do. I have a package of a best friend stealer and copycat all in one, and SB is being distant. I'm always about to cry but I always hold it in. [Report]

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