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Brother abuse

Can my parents just not bring up my brother and say that i need to listen to him?? Like he used to hit me and degrade me as a person call me an autistic failure and say i'd amount to nothing and then one day he comes back from uni and gives me life advice?? without saying fucking sorry? Yeah real nice. Well thats not how it works you cant just abuse me for most of my short lived life and then come back and not EVEN say sorry (which I would not forgive at all if you did say sorry) and give me life advice. Even if its good advice I am not listening at all to your bullshit. When you left for university I was so so happy because I remember coming home from school and remembering that there is no worries about getting called a retard again or if I do something wrong I am not going to get hit!! I cried for days after that due to relief. I will never ever fucking contact you again when I am out of this house hold I am never visiting you I am never talking to you texting you whatever form of fucking communication there is in the future i will never see you again. YOU where supposed to be the brother that taught me the valuable things in life that my parents couldnt teach me, or be there for me where my parents couldn't. but I had to search for that through media, movie, tv, books because you werent there you never did all that you said that im not special, and that i have no worth. And time and time again I had to hide that i had to hide all of that pain in me because if i showed any of it my parents would say I am over reacting and that I should just shut up. so in short fuck you and all what you did to me.






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