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He doesn't seem to want to talk to me as much as we used to yet he claims he still is happy and isn't bored. Usually we FaceTime every night but recently we haven't. I put in an effort to make conversation but he always seem short. "Sorry you feel that way, I love you" yeah well why don't you FUCKING show it?! Actions speak greater than words, asshole. Today at lunch I wasn't eating because I've been so frustrated about this lately and one of his friends asked if I was okay(I sit at a table with him and 5 of his friends). I just nodded and nick just turned to him and was like "she's weird..". He wasn't talking to you. Again, asshole. I asked him about it today. Ya know, asking "are you happy" and "are you bored" type questions. He just kept saying he feels sorry and he thought the opposite. He claimed he thought I was the one annoyed at him. I want to punch a wall and scream at the top of my lungs and just throat punch him. I thought things would go back to normal but nope. The same thing. If I haven't had texted him we probably wouldn't have talked all day other than at school. I need communication. I get that he's busy but school just started back up from break so it's not like he has a lot of homework, he works weekends, and chores surely don't last all day. I can't sleep. I texted him goodnight but he's probably already asleep. I just want to know what the fuck he does all day. He always claims chores but really? So much that you don't even have time to sit down and chat with your girlfriend for a bit? I want to yell at him but he's probably got some anger issues I don't want to fuck with. I'll see him Saturday. I told him that we need to hang out since we only hang out on tuesdays. I hate that we don't fucking talk. That's what pisses me off most. No one is THAT busy. I know someone who is busy all day but can still have time to talk to me for a little. It drives me insane that I have no one to talk to. I don't do anything. If I were to tell my friends they would just be crazy ass bitches that go and tell him off. That's drama I don't fucking want. I want to cry it pisses me off so much. I need to sleep because I have school tomorrow but I can't fucking fall asleep. [Report]

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You should recommend him some MGTOW vapor.


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