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Stefanie Arsc...

E-Bike? Wohl eher AIDS-Bike!

Normalerweise fahre ich mit meinem E-Bike durch unser Dorf und überhole stolz so ziemlich jeden. Aber heute, aus irgendeinem dummen Grund, ist das das dumme ding nicht angegangen!



I think I threw out a bunch of important files at my job by accident. I am so getting fired. Fuck my life!!!!!!


My boss is a dickhead.

We're meant to have our rotas 4 weeks in advance, do we ever? Nooooooo. Instead I have to beg for them, and he KNOWS that I can't work both Saturdays and Sundays BECAUSE it's the ONLY time I get to see my boyfriend because I am at university all week and he is at work.


My fucking boss thinks im 12

I go in and sit with my boss over fucking plans at least an hour a day. everytime he treats me like im retarded and asks "do you get it" literally every 5 goddamned minutes.

Pissed offspr...

Work issues

Growing up my family was homeless. I'm talking about sleeping in abandoned houses, under carports, at bus stops type of homeless.

Pissed employee

Work issues

I fucking hate my job! I'm an intern & im supposed to get paid twice a week but the damn CFO always signs my check late.

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