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I'm trying to relax during the weekend and I can't even do that. I'm a highschool student, and also have a job. When I get home from school I get ready, go to work and when I get back I stay up until 12 doing my home work. Naturally, I like to stay in and sleep during the weekends, but my mom just sees me as a lazy person and yells at me all the time. I understand you want to go out, and nothing in the world is holding you back from that. You don't need me to go buy things, I need my rest. I even try to go out on Sundays with her, but no, she chooses the day that I'm mostly tired during. And turns out I'm the bad guy.






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Where are you from? United Kingdom or United States?






Deutschland? Nein danke! ---- Germany? No thanks! ---- Германия? Нет Сиасибо!

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