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My mom

My mom

My mom. Don’t get me wrong I love my mom I love her more than any other family but she irritates me . Everyone in my family has a phone my sister, my mom, my dad even my baby brother has a toy phone but I don’t. Hear me out I get straight A’s,B’s and i don’t talk back to anybody but my sister on the other hand is disrespectful,gets horrible grade and talks back to everyone even my mom and she has had over 8 phones in the past five years and my mom continues to buy her more and pay her phone bill me on the other hand have had 2 phones in the past five years and the reason is she thinks it’s not that important and she never paid my phone bill like what the heck I don’t understand it and another thing and one thing I hate is getting my hair done and because I’m very tender headed anyway my mom gets mad at me when she can’t do my hair so yesterday I was downstairs all day and that never happens and she was doing my sisters hair so she looked at me and said “Can I do your hair” I nodded yes and she took that as if I said no and took my little brother who I was holding and went into the living room and I watched some YouTube waiting on her to do my hair I was in the chair for 2 hours waiting and so I went to her and said “Are you just going to do my hair tomorrow or something “ and she said yeah so the next morning comes and I asked her if she was ready to do my hair and she got an attitude with me and to make matters worse my sister came downstairs and said to me “ Why didn’t you get your hair done yesterday “ I swear I wanted to kick that crap out of her I was so pissed at her I wanted to scream but I continued to do what I was doing and act like I couldn’t hear what they were saying

Thank you for reading that feels good for getting that off my chest






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