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My family is just making me so angry; especially my parents. First of all I get no freedom whatsoever and I can't do the things that most girls my age do. I am not allowed to just go meet friends or go to the city or wear my dress short or stay up late wear makeup or buy clothes that are short because "they will look tardy." So i have a camp coming up and I was just trying to tell my mother what clothing etc I need and I get in trouble for bugging her when she needs to get ready to leave and she said to me "I've heard enough, I think I get it" and for some reason this really annoys me so much and then my father was telling me that if I don't help and clean then he won't buy me the clothes and I understand but all he ever wants me to do is clean. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. I actually have a life but they treat me like I don't and that every thing I do is too "old for me" So yeah please help I really need some explanation as to why they act like this. Thx xx [Report]


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How old are you?


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Yeah I know right that is almost the exact same situation I'm going through. Srry, I know it sucks royally. You can get through it girl! Girl POWER!



I don't have any info on why they r doing that but maybe they don't want 2 accept the fact that ur growing up?? Idk I'm not dr.phil and I have the exact same question cuz my mom and ESPECIALLY my dad r like that 2.


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