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I wish I wasn’t married

I’m just so annoyed that my husbands not a romantic and I crave it so bad but all it is, is a want and not a need... god I hate myself but I got no wear or no one to turn to but this website I suppose I wish my husband would kiss my neck and junk or tell me I’m beautiful with out having to ask 😩 fuck I wish I was single but I don’t think I’ll find anyone that doesn't have baby mama issues or is a Psycho.






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That sounds like an issue. From that sound of it, it looks like you don't want to be single, rather you want affection from your husband. Affection and intimacy is a huge part of a relationship, and to not have that, is lonely.

Maybe you could communicate with him about it. He probably doesn't know, and I'm also guessing, you both don't feel confident into giving each other that personal intention. Talking with him won't hurt, and there's ways to introduce that issue with him with a lot of website advice. And by that last sentence- psycho...I hope that's just an exaggeration.

And also, if he still loves you but doesn't feel comfortable with that, start off slow with that intimacy. Or with both of your permission, start an open relationship.

Still! Groundrule is communicate with him first!!!!! Don't overthink and make assumptions. :D






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