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I hate my sister

SHe always does everything possible to pusj my buttons, and since she used to have the least urgent level of aspergers syndrome, she has a free ticket to abuse of me, and if i so much as poke her, shell easily punch my jaw as hard as she can. And is she punches me in the face for no reason, if I even try to push her away to defend myself, I instantly get punished by my parents. If she punches me for no reason and I tell my parents instead of doing the natural thing and defending myself, she will just laugh and say that im so annoying sometimes and thats the end of the argument. She always runs down the stairs at full speed, and stops right in front of me, and that really pisses me off. If I so much as stand somewhere she doesnt want me to, shell shove me at best.If I tell her to stop running down the stairs, theyll just say I should stop bugging her so much, and keep to myself. This really annoys me. [Report]

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