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Seres Victoria

Wedding stress

My mom trying to take over planning for my wedding. Our plan is to make the wedding easy as possible but my mom wants to makes changes to our plans.


I wish I wasn’t married

I’m just so annoyed that my husbands not a romantic and I crave it so bad but all it is, is a want and not a need...


Stupid Xmas Gift

My brother bought me a Sextoy! A VIBRATOR!!! It's golden and ugly! He's such an Idiot! Boooooooooooooooooooooooooh!


Nothing ever works

Do I have a magnetron implanted in my fat arse or why is it that everything I touch instantly either breaks or dies??

let em have it


I worked all day long and she says that I cant help my sister with her fun diarama project. Well fuck her. I wanted to do that all week, ever since I heard my sister talk about it.


Bettering myself is so hard when she’s around!

Ok. Ok. Ok. So I might be under 21 but uggghhhhhhhh. My mom keeps telling me that I’m such a bad person and blah blah blah.

surrounded on...

Being orphaned

My mother is giving so much care towards her son, his abuse as well as her love are increasing proportionately.

fucking annoyed

Let me choose my fucking title

Im so sick of my mother jesus fucking christ no patience at all if she doesnt get everything she wants she throws a fucking tantrum im so fucking sikccccccccccccccc

Mrs. Anonymus

Mother in law gets on my nerves...

Hey guys.. I just have to let off some MIL steam right now, if I'm acting crazy, feel free to tell me. Btw sorry if it doesn't make proper sense, I just write how the thoughts come in my head. It all started, when my hubby, his mother and I moved into the house they had just finished building.

My mom

My mom

My mom. Don’t get me wrong I love my mom I love her more than any other family but she irritates me . Everyone in my family has a phone my sister, my mom, my dad even my baby brother has a toy phone but I don’t.

Cunt Larry

Fucking dad

My father is such a fucking hypocrite. He was just arguing with me about how much food and gas costs and what is worth driving for and what isn’t.

Realist in Re...

Fucking Arrogant Privileged Opinions

I am so fucking tired of my prick husband and his goddamned asshole of a mother always thinking their assumptions are facts and they are fucking right about everything because they come from money and are well educated, when in fact they are close-minded and ignorant of the fact that there is more than one way of thinking, living, doing that ...

want to shove...


Constantly threathens to call the cops when im at our house, I pay rent and Im pretty respectful but they don't let me have a key


My son

He was in the Army and got hurt. He has SPTSD among other issues. But he is so damn mean to me. He has been doing more and more lately.

A phantasy name

I hate my sister

SHe always does everything possible to pusj my buttons, and since she used to have the least urgent level of aspergers syndrome, she has a free ticket to abuse of me, and if i so much as poke her, shell easily punch my jaw as hard as she ca


My Family

My family is just making me so angry; especially my parents. First of all I get no freedom whatsoever and I can't do the things that most girls my age do.

Mayukh Khasno...

Fuck my relatives

I hate my bloody relatives my neighbours and bloody people who pushed me into a job I don't like and made me waste years of my career in a torturous way.


From you own family

The matriarch of the family dies, she has a home, car and life insurance. She has only three heirs. The last two years of her life she was taken care of by one of those heirs.


"My Hero"

My Dad has been angry with LGBT all his life without really any reason. He just hates them to a point where he will curse at them the first chance he gets but just loud enough that only I, my mom and my brother would hear.

Something Else

Sorry Mom

I'm trying to relax during the weekend and I can't even do that. I'm a highschool student, and also have a job.

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