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The fuck

The amount of stress on me like the fuck can I get a fucking break non stop hearing that I'm fucking lazy but he doesn't see the things I do noon i'm just a human full of mistakes and laziness.

let em have it


I worked all day long and she says that I cant help my sister with her fun diarama project. Well fuck her. I wanted to do that all week, ever since I heard my sister talk about it.


Why me?

I'm kind all the time and people take advantage of that and just treat me however they please. I think I let a lot of things slide because I'm afraid of losing some people and it scares me.

Not My Job To...

The Audacity

Damn junkie thief. It is one thing to steal food out of the shared kitchen that can be eaten quickly. But defrosting stolen chicken out where anyone can see?


I fucking hate him

We dated for two years and he never appreciated me. Now we try to be friends and he treats me like shit. The worst is that I don't hate him at all and I really should!!!!!


Fuck off

I fucking hate that I let men treat me like a toy, god damn dirt bag of horse shit I hope you come crying back to me so I can tell you all the horrible things I think about you and make you feel even worse about using me you fuck face faggot


I wish I wasn’t married

I’m just so annoyed that my husbands not a romantic and I crave it so bad but all it is, is a want and not a need...


He's being an ass

What the actual fuck did I do to deserve being treated like I'm a piece of trash. I fucking listened to you and made you dinner, massaged you, and let you watch a movie.



I get fucking annoyed for getting fucking killed again, for fucks sake go fuck yourself fucking kanker game piece of shit game

Simon Philip ...

I can't anymore

I'm a 32 years old male. I have a girlfriend that loves me, and I love her back, a caring family, my own flat with everything I enjoy in it, and I'm on a well paid corporate job, but it's a dead end job, a job that I don't completly hate, but I hate almost everything in it, the people who work with me, the clients, the main purpose of the ...

Fuck you

Stupid fucking world

I hate the fucking world so mother fucking stupid and fucking retarded dumb ass faggots. Fuck your stupid fucking factory jobs.



Hey guys, I wanna go to the US after Trump (pray to God). My goal: I wanna go to the Navy ( step one: Recruit Training Command in Chicago).



I'm just fed up with this world I wanna drive to a different town and I can't coz I failed my driver's test every time my boss doesn't pay me in my crappy job flipping burgers all day my best friends fucking retarded my neighbours a boring cunt and he plays his loud ass instrument that sounds like a fucking tween dying and fucking worst of ...


U.S Americans and British people are so uneducated.

U.S Americans and British people are so uneducated. Being German myself, I am fed up with the unbelievable stupidity of MOST (not all) of these people. They think they are the greatest and everything they did, do and will do is absolutely amazing.



Why do you blame me or shit I did not do. Also why do you make every little fucking mistake so fucking big. You always have to be so fucking right, even wheen you are fucking wrong you are right.

Random User


My mom is soo damn annoying, everything needs to be her way or no way. If she doesnt get what she wants, or you make a tiny fucking mistake, she is going to throw a fucking tantrum.


I've Had Enough

I am so angry. My partner is a hypocritical, self-absorbed, gaslighting nutjob with borderline personality disorder, and is really getting on my nerves with their appalling behaviour today, I can't say anything about it or they threaten to kill themselves, so I'm letting it out here.

surrounded on...

Being orphaned

My mother is giving so much care towards her son, his abuse as well as her love are increasing proportionately.


Fucking neighbours

I hate my neighbour! She is a fucking liar! Fuck you! Eat dirt and die! Go to hell! I fucking hate you!


Not for my ears

Locked boyfriend out of his house accidentally during a visit. Thankfully forgot phone so was able to rectify upon my return.

Mary Jane

I'm telling mom

After many unremembered parties, stink eyes from many unapproved faces and going down a road that was harder than needed to be do not regret it along with the decision to live life without using drugs for it has shaped me into who I am and will continue to be.




fucking annoyed

Let me choose my fucking title

Im so sick of my mother jesus fucking christ no patience at all if she doesnt get everything she wants she throws a fucking tantrum im so fucking sikccccccccccccccc


I annoyed everything...

Everything in the world. so am I a sickness? everything in the world. so am I a sickness? everything in the world.



People keep telling lies about me that are really hurting my emotional and mental stability. I feel like I cant do anything about people lying.

Analog man

What r we doing if robot replace human?

I'm so scared if something happened in the nearly future. If something we don't know and can't control it live among us also they don't know themselves either.

I'm tired of ...

R/personalfinance moderators are not understanding at all

I just got banned from the subreddit and muted from talking to the moderators because I didn't think my post was breaking the subs rules.

Quietus Sound...

Just having a(nother) bad day

Frustrated and worried because the husband is always sick or sleeping, he's irritated at me today (like most days), I have laundry and dishes to do, I need to wash my hair, my back hurts, my mentally ill aunt who lives with us has questions and keeps yammering at me about a doctor's visit tomorrow but she doesn't speak English and I don't ...


Stopping swearing

I stopped swearing 7 months ago and im so scared that im gonna mess it up abd i just tryna be calmer but it aint work

Mrs. Anonymus

Mother in law gets on my nerves...

Hey guys.. I just have to let off some MIL steam right now, if I'm acting crazy, feel free to tell me. Btw sorry if it doesn't make proper sense, I just write how the thoughts come in my head. It all started, when my hubby, his mother and I moved into the house they had just finished building.


How Will Increase Breast Size

п»їLet me ask you a question and I want you to be honest as a man. If you had a small gun and another man had a bigger gun, would you be scared of the man with the bigger gun?


My girlfriend

My stupid fucking girlfriend keeps talking to her ex and we've been dating for almost five months and she texts him even though she knows it upsets me and she's so fucking dumb sometimes and the ex talks shit about me to her and she tells me but she's still being a dumb fucking retard.



What he’s doing to Government workers right now, is disgusting. For a STUPID WALL that wont even work, that we were NEVER supposed ti pay for.


Ma past and present relationships

I was not happy with my ex, I was turning into a monster near him but now I keep thinking about him every single day and imagine that no he is the finally became all I ever wanted him to be.


There is practically no education about lesbianism so don't harm others for not knowing ...

At most, information is found on the Internet, and most of it is made up of superstitions, theses, theories, and assumptions that are yet to be confirmed scientifically somehow and somewhere, by some kind of study.

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